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This free course will help you understand how the U.S. university application and admission process works for international students and non-native English speakers applying to undergraduate (i.e., bachelor’s degree) programs.

See the link

Applying to U.S. Universities

See Introduction video



Kyle Maynard is truly an unique person. Born with no hands and legs , he achieves a lot than normal person can.

His determination is unwavering and see this video to get inspired.


A paper on carbon nanotubes, a biology lecture on antibodies and a flash of insight led 15-year-old Jack Andraka to design a cheaper, more sensitive cancer detector.



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This is an article from my friend – Ravi Chaudhari , who graciously  agreed to write his experience for the benefits of those who want to explore and conquer the world by education !!!

Enter Ravi:

   Thinking of internationalizing your degree? Here’s what you need to do to make it happen!

Even if you’re only toying with the idea of studying abroad, start looking for certain things as mentioned in the list below immediately, because you don’t want to miss an opportunity!

Applications for programs and bursaries have deadlines: applying too late may cost you the experience.

You need to be highly motivated, because this is not a tour — it’s a study program. You might have heard, ‘studying is easy’, well I believe- it’s never that easy! And for Masters in foreign country, it’s a nightmare as it’s full of tense. Starting from application, then if admitted- accommodation, food, culture shock and Study, it’s never ‘Just like that’! You have to work hard, there is no alternative.

But I’m not here to scare you; So, I’m presenting some stages/steps you should consider if you want to study Masters in Canada or any other country.


Steps to be followed before and at time of applying

1)     Decide the country you want to apply in

2)     Advice– Apply 6-7 months prior to intake in which you want to apply

3)     For Canada, Indian Government has tie-up with Canadian government, and they give SPP- student partnership program in order to encourage the young blood of India to study. They give an opportunity to Indian students to study abroad- BUT  the problem is, Under SPP, there are 43 Colleges. Colleges provide you Certified courses, Post Graduate Diploma Program, Bachelors degree, and Advanced degree program. If you’re already done with 4 years undergrad study in India, you might not like to study Bachelors again- but if you’ve cleared Diploma studies, it’s great opportunity- Just after your Diploma studies. For undergrad students, I would recommend, aim high- plan for Masters program in University- ‘At least your goal should be higher

4)     Decide the Universities / Institutes you want to apply in

5)     Check for FAQ to find answers to your queries , if not satisfied , contact concerned person from respective department

6)     Now, apply for Transcripts in your University (8-10 Copies, depending on in how many Universities you want to apply )

7)     Go for any consultancy agency (OPTIONAL) (Suggestion: NOT REQUIRED AT ALL)

8)     Get your recommendation letters from professors, whom you know closely- prepare a format by yourself (or if the professor is very (VERY) nice, then he might prepare a letter for you!), mail it to professor, if he permits, get all Reco. Letters on letter head of your Institution. Then get it signed and sealed at Student section

        Check if any University requires specific Recommendation- as per their format- then prepare a Reco. Letter and get it filled up by professor (preferably 3 Professors )

        Some universities require only ONLINE Recos., then go for it

9)     For thesis- M.A.Sc (Master of Applied Science) study, Check for any professor from selected University, who is doing research on your area of interest, just PIN his/her name somewhere on Application if he/she is ready to take you as student (will be useful , when you’ve applied already, to get his/her recommendations directly – for selection committee)

10)For M.Eng (Master of Engineering), you need not to contact any professor, just go fill online application, and apply all your inputs (Academics, Competitive exams)

11)In some Universities they might require GRE for Masters admission, so check in admission requirement before you apply

12)Advice: Get some experience (Training/ Internship from any relevant Industry), so that you can prepare a good SOP, and a nice Resume as well…

13)Prepare a ‘Statement of Purpose’, this is HEART of any application, take your time and collect all your experience, be meticulous and prepare it very effective!

14)During all these processes ongoing, you should apply for GRE, IELTS/ TOEFL, as per admission requirement of any University, try hard to get these results as per specifications

15)No need to say, Get your Passport ready

16)Some Universities require ‘Statement of Funding (Mostly US based Universities)’- a saving A/c in National Bank (i.e. SBI) having at least 40000 to 50000 USD/CAD

17)Okay, now when you have IELTS result, 10-12 Mark sheets, Passport, Birth Certificate , Bank balance Certificate, get it all notarized.

18)Get all Documents together – (Transcripts+ Mark sheets+ Syllabus- in a single packet , sealed at student section) + 3 Recommendation letters + All Notarized copies + Latest Curriculum Vitae/ Resume

19)Apply in 8-10 Universities , which should be classified as-

  •  3 High level Universities
  •  3 Medium level Universities
  • 1/2 Lower level Universities (any colleges)

The reason, for applying in Universities from different categories is, because you don’t want to put all your apples in a single basket!! I mean, you don’t want to make your chances to Zero, if you don’t get admitted in your priority University! After all, everyone has a Back-up plan!

20)Now once you’ve all the documents ready with you, you should start with online application, every university has its own deadlines, so apply accordingly. You are applying in foreign University, one thing you should keep in mind is they are very strict about TIME. So, deadline matters a lot in all cases.

21)Have patience while online application, one mistake towards it’ll be reason of your dismissal of you admission, so fill all the details carefully

22)Apply in 2-3 universities/ day

23)After applying online, you will get mail – ‘That you’ve successfully paid fees/ applications etc..’, get a copy of it (print)

24)Once you’ve applied a PDF copy will be formed (in some unis.), get it printed for  future reference

25)Now, after all online applications has been submitted, it’s time to prepare Packets, which are to be sent to mailing address of University

        Though, in some universities , you need not to send mail /post to them, only ‘SOFT COPIES’ are required to be sent, on University portal

        You may be given an ID, password, and on a portal, you will be asked to upload your documents

26)So, I advise you to keep a soft copy of all documents, before you seal it (i.e. Transcripts, Mark sheets, IELTS result, Passport, CV, Recommendation letter, Birth Certificate etc.)

27)Now, you are ready with packet. So set in order as described below: Starting with-

        Cover letter (In which dept. you’re applying , in which program, enclosures, signature )

        Online Payment receipt

        Sealed Transcripts + Mark sheets

        12th mark sheet

        10th mark sheet

        2/3 RECO letters

        Statement of Intent

        IELTS result

        Statement of funding (if required)

        CV/ Resume


28)That’s it, prepare it as specified above, and mail it to address given, 2/3 packets/day, as you should not make mistake in any of these steps / Documents

29)After applying wait at least for a month or two.

30)Hope, you’ll get a mail from them, positively (But, in case if they don’t select you, that also will be emailed to you (Believe me, it’s going to feel bad- and the mail will be starting with “After carefully reviewing your application, we regret to inform you that our selection committee is not able to let you in for the course applied…bla bla bla….”))

31)One of my friend said, if you’re not selected ,you will be notified soon, but if you’re selected , it’ll take time to process and reply from their side (Docs will be going from- Department -> Graduate Studies -> International Section) (Personally, I don’t believe in it—just apply with all your efforts and then WAIT)

32)At last, when you have all the documents- along with your offer letter from University, go to nearest VFS Global office, and apply for VISA.


33)For student VISA, it just takes 15-20 days at max. If they take more time, then wait!! If much more time then just BUZZ them!

34)Once you have VISA (You can do take this step earlier, if you’re very sure about getting admitted), get your flight ticket.

And Bon Voyage!

If you need more information from a reliable source, following are the links:


Once you reach to desired place- at your dream University

1)     Okay, calm down now. You are at your ‘dream place’, don’t get panic by new climate and atmosphere, you’ll get used to it eventually.

2)     So, at Airport, you might find a stall from your University’s International students’ department, if not head towards nearest place to your University.

3)     Accommodation-If you’ve been in contact with some other people on social media, who had applied in same term and same university (Winter/fall/– Summer in some cases) as yours, then go search some decent place to live in- which is near to University. So that it’ll be easy in transportation. You can use always use a reliable source, a website: http://montreal.kijiji.ca/

4)     About culture shock- you might feel some- but you will get acclimatized to it soon, very soon.

5)     Documentation- Now, once you are settled up, and unpacked all your bags- go to your Department advisor’s office, inform about your arrival, ask about anything you want to know- related to Academics obviously- i.e. what documents you need to submit and where? Which and how many courses you should take? About the fees… etc..

6)     Then get yourself registered in Courses you’re interested- Advice: take some reviews, suggestions from Seniors

7)     Food– you might face some problems if you’re vegetarian! Because food is not very tasty, they call it veggie. But at home, you’re the cook- learn some good items to cook and go for it- if you eat eggs- that would be a great option! Takes less time to prepare, and give good protein and other nutrition.

8)     License- if you’ve driven in your country, and if you get International Driving Permit from RTO, in different provinces they permit to drive for certain time period. But you’re going to need local driving license, so apply for it, once you get all your documents from University (Student Identity Card etc.)

9)     Be active in different activities- Voluntary work and some events. That will help you coming out from ‘nostalgic’ feeling, and also will help making new friends

10)Apply for Co-op Program, if available in your University/ College, that’s best opportunity for a student- ‘earning while learning’, real world experience and also it will earn some academic credits for you.

11)If you need some activity(-that you’ll need for sure-), go for your hobby/ passion- it might be any Sports, Photography, Reading, Learning new languages etc..

Bonne chance pour votre nouvelle vie!

Thanks Ravi !!!


“We meditate on the glory of that Being who has produced this universe; may He enlighten our minds.”  Swami Vivekananda

By practicing this method , you will achieve a state of flow ( being aware- when time and matter do not exist). Every one have a glimpse of this when we  are dancing, singing, intense work out or at the peak of the work you loved the  most.

In this method , Vishen Lakhiani leads us to a journey of six steps, which we all know , however brilliantly packaged by Vishen so that it can be implemented easily on daily basis :

1) Compassion: is  love or kindness to all living being. Practicing compassion leads to increase in DHEA hormone( fights stress and reduce aging) and reduce cortisol ( Stress hormone).

2)Gratitude: Appreciation and acknowledgement of all the good thing which we receive from creative energy ( God, nature or consciousness) , people or situation. A study by the University of California suggest increase in the happiness by practicing gratitude daily in a log.

3) Forgiveness: is the best weapon against guilt( Paap). Asking forgiveness  and forgiving others releases us from the clutches of negative energy and we feel  vitality and energy in the  life and our relationship improves.

4) Visualization: Inner thoughts shape outer world. By doing this we change the way we see , feel and perceive outer world.

5)Perfect day: Envisioning a perfect day which create neural synapses in the brain and form right habits which ultimately becomes our character.

6)Blessing: is harnessing our internal energy – an act of affirmation and recognition. Steve Jobs always thought that he was the blessed one, the chosen one.

Here is the link , This meditation to be done preferably in the morning .

You can also get registered free at


Enter the world of joy, happiness and blissfulness

Elephant and Blind men

“And the models have to come from multiple disciplines-because all the wisdom of the world is not to be found in one little academic department”  Charles T Munger

One of the greatest insight I  got from Charlie Munger was about Mental Models. You may remember the old Indian story about the blind men and the Elephant.

Each of the blind man had different opinion on how the elephant look like. When we see reality , it is only a part- based on our little knowledge and experience. Hence, we need to have all the big ideas (models) from each discipline to understand the Whole , the truth.  The truth what we understand is only approximation.  So beware of our tendency of consistency and commitment which makes us to favor  status quo. We need to change our perspective/opinion based on the facts if our opinion doesn’t match the facts.  We cannot fool the reality. However, the tendency of Self-denial keeps us fool- we rationalize our decisions which are based on emotions rather than facts and selectively choose facts to justify that…. I have been like that and all human tends to do so.

As per Charlie, you’ve got to have models in your head. And you’ve got to array your experience- both vicarious and direct- on this latticework of models. You’ve got to hang experience on  a latticework of models in your head.

Unveil the ignorance by watching these insightful and thoughtful speeches and then putting into practice.

What I admire about Charlie is that he is rational. He has this great ability to learn continuously  and then relate these models to common life’s problem.

In the psychology of human misjudgment, Charlie discusses 25 tendencies which are useful and often mislead.  From reward/punishment to Lollapalooza , he discuss  them with reference to business problem.

While addressing USC Gould School of Law Commencement address, he offers insights into the practices that has contributed to his success and making him one of the wealthiest people in the world. It is in five parts.

Absorb them and spread the word of Wisdom.

One Idiot

“Compound interest is the eight wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it … he who doesn’t …pays it.” Albert Einstein

Having started my first blog on a famous book “Richest man in Babylon” which focus on reducing debt and investing,

this post/video  will focus  one aspect of this.

In this well-directed movie, Amole Gupte inspires youth to save money at young age and enjoy in experiences rather than


Enjoy this movie with your family

Bravo Amole !!!

Automation Competency Model

“Competence, like truth, beauty, and contact lenses, is in the eye of the beholder”   Dr. Laurence J Peter

Automation Federation has done fantastic work on competency required in Automation.

A must for every hiring manager to prepare job profile and for every Automation Professional to evaluate his skills and compare with this one for self development.

Another great resource is from ISA  which describes various domains in Automation and explains knowledge and Skill set required.

Click to access CAPClassificationSystemWEB.pdf

From my experience I have learnt that knowledge of various disciplines like Process, Electrical , Information technology, Mechanical, Project Management is required to excel in Automation.

Finally, I would like to quote Charlie Munger, “You’ve got to hang experience on a latticework of models in your head”. Because then only we learn an apply all the theory.

Keep learning, keep applying and keep succeeding …

Standards for Automation

“Standards are like DNA. They are the basic building blocks for all technology and economic systems.”

D.E. Purcel

Standards play a key role for an Automation Professional as a  useful tool and  that’s why I thought to write an article on it.

Those of you making use of the Modbus, Devicenet or Fieldbus/Profibus would have faced the problem of making them communicating with the DCS/PLC.

Imagine if there would not be any standard, would we have succeed ever?

From a simple nut & bolt to a complex system in the Spacecraft ,  use of standards to make plant/Equipment  Safe, Reliable , Efficient and ultimately economical.

Apart from above benefit , they provide:

  • Quality Improvement
  • Fit for Purpose Design
  • Simplicity for execution and Implementation
  • Providing a platform for sharing information and creating knowledge which can be utilized who are unaware
  • Promote Globalization and ultimately value creation

OGP ( International Association of Oil & Gas Producers) has created an excellent report on Standards used in Automation.

OGP has distilled this knowledge and here is the link to download for Free.


I am really thankful to this organization and it’s members and wish that all us of make use of this report and the standards listed to make this world a safe place to live with use of these standards.