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Pranav Mistry is the master of technology when it comes to interfacing physical world to Digital world.

He is the innovator of Sixsense, a wearable device which provide awesome physical Interaction to Computing world.

Here is the video of his presentation at TED India.



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I am writing this post to demonstrate , how effectively one can use Internet to repair Computer.

My Dell Vostro Keyboard’s key  ‘P’  was not working. I tried usual stuff of cleaning the key , but all in vain.

Next step  was to search for keyboard on Ebay. I found 1 keyboard costing 15.00 USD. I ordered the same.

My friend Asit Shah sent me video from YouTube on how to replace Dell keyboard. After seeing the video, it took me less than 10 minutes to replace the faulty  keyboard.

Total money spent : 15 USD.

Total time spent : 30 minutes ( 20 for searching on Ebay and placing order + 10 for replacement of keyboard).

Special thanks to Asit Shah for making this possible.

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