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“Standards are like DNA. They are the basic building blocks for all technology and economic systems.”

D.E. Purcel

Standards play a key role for an Automation Professional as a  useful tool and  that’s why I thought to write an article on it.

Those of you making use of the Modbus, Devicenet or Fieldbus/Profibus would have faced the problem of making them communicating with the DCS/PLC.

Imagine if there would not be any standard, would we have succeed ever?

From a simple nut & bolt to a complex system in the Spacecraft ,  use of standards to make plant/Equipment  Safe, Reliable , Efficient and ultimately economical.

Apart from above benefit , they provide:

  • Quality Improvement
  • Fit for Purpose Design
  • Simplicity for execution and Implementation
  • Providing a platform for sharing information and creating knowledge which can be utilized who are unaware
  • Promote Globalization and ultimately value creation

OGP ( International Association of Oil & Gas Producers) has created an excellent report on Standards used in Automation.

OGP has distilled this knowledge and here is the link to download for Free.


I am really thankful to this organization and it’s members and wish that all us of make use of this report and the standards listed to make this world a safe place to live with use of these standards.


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